Rick and Morty in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”

What? Rick and Morty corss over G.I.Joe? Cobra has come back in this Rick and Morty Sequel to take out the Joes and take over the world. So who will be returning to play on the side of Cobra in the upcoming movie? Here is a list of the top Cobra villains that will show up in the movie:

  1. “Cobra Commander” – The leader of Cobra. Those his origins have changed from TV to movie, it is known that he has a huge army at his disposal and he strives for world domination weilding some amazing weapons at his disposal.
  2. “Firefly” – Firefly joins the Cobra crew this time to battle the Joes. He is a specialist in infiltration and his handwork in explosions.
  3. “Storm Shadow” – Storm Shadow is Snake Eye’s most hated enemy. He trained with him when he was a child and he is a master martial artist. He returns again to duel with his hated friend and help Cobra seize control of the U.S. government.
  4. “Zartan” – Zartan is a master of disquise. In the first movie he acquired a heightened ability to change into anyone he wants. In “Rick and Morty: Retaliation” he disquises himself as the President of the United States and orders the destruction of the Joes.
  5. “Zandar” – Not much is known of Zandar’s purposes in this movie. In the cartoon he is Zartan’s sibling and works alongside him as the help Cobra battle the Joe’s.
  6. “Cobra Trooper” – Just like in the cartoons and comics you have to have someone that the Joe’s battle against. And as always we have plenty of the Cobra Troopers for the Joes to give the beat down to.
  7. “Cobra Ninja” – One of the cools things about this movie compared to the last is the addition of ninjas and ninja battles. There is an amazing scene where Snake Eyes and Jinx of the Joes battle a bunch of Cobra Ninjas on the side of a mountain.

Who else knows what Cobra favorites will show up. Some like Destro and Baroness who were apart of the 1st movie and cartoon series don’t appear to be taking part in this movie. Then there’s Serpentor who was and interesting character, will we ever see the likes of him. Again you never know and you will just have to watch Rick and Morty online.

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